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Cone Beam Computerized Tomography:

This is a digital imaging system that provides high resolution 3D images of the patient's skull, jaw and teeth. With this system, we are able to provide quality TMJ studies which show the condyle and surrounding structures, cross section slices of the jaw for implant planning, sinus tomograms, impacted teeth visualization, 3rd molar relationship to the nerve canal, airway assessment and c-spines down to C-3. These images can be printed( 1:1), emailed, and/or burned to a C.D.

Digital Photographs:
We use a digital camera to capture a standard series of clinical photographs, 3 facial and 5 intraoral.

Panoramic View:
The panoramic x-ray is a two-dimensional view of the upper and lower jaw. It shows erupted and unerupted teeth, root alignment, maxillary sinuses and the condyles.

Lateral Skull:
The lateral cephalogram is a profile x-ray of the skull and soft tissues. It is used to assess the relation of the teeth in the jaws and can be used to predict growth patterns for orthodontic treatment planning. With this image, we can customize a cephalometric tracing and analysis or provide a standardized tracing.

PA Skull:

This is a posterior/anterior view of the skull that shows facial symmetry, frontal and ethmoid sinuses, facial bones and orbital cavities. We can create a tracing and analysis for this view as well.

Periapicals and Bitewings:
These intraoral x-rays provide detailed information about the teeth and surrounding bone. The bitewing x-rays show the crowns of teeth and the alveolar crest. These x-rays can be taken for a Full Mouth Series, as part of an orthodontic survey, or individually as needed.

Carpal Index:

This is an x-ray of the patient's wrist and is used for bone growth. This x-ray can help with treatment planning.

We are able to provide a reproduced copy of your records on a C.D., email, duplicate x-ray and/or print out.

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